Endovaginal Ultrasound

Endovaginal ultrasound imaging is commonly used for diagnosing problems with the ovaries, including cysts and cancer, and it has proven to be the most effective and accurate method available. Although ovarian scans can be done using other methods, an endovaginal ultrasound machine can almost always producer clearer and better images.

Some of the other uses of endovaginal ultrasound imaging include examinations of the uterus and other pelvic organs, and it is often used during pregnancy to check on the health of the fetus. Endovaginal ultrasound is a vital tool in the early detection and treatment of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer, and one of the top models for endovaginal imaging is the HP Sonos 5500.

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HP Sonos 4500 Ultrasound System


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HP Sonos 5500 Ultrasound System


The HP Sonos 5500 ultrasound machine is a high-performance system that has many technological features, including an advanced diagnostics system, and can be used in a variety of applications. The imaging technologies utilized by the HP Sonos 5500 ultrasound system include fusion harmonic imaging, contrast imaging, and high definition color flow. With the integrated dynamic […]