Medison Ultrasound

Medison is one of the industries leading manufacturers of diagnostic ultrasound systems. Medison was founded in 1985 and now is one of the global leaders in the ultrasound market. They are one of the pioneers of the real-time 3D ultrasound systems. Medison launched the first commercial 3D ultrasound system in 1998 and continues to be the global leaders in 3D/4D ultrasound systems. They currently have 10 overseas subsidiaries and 100 agencies in 90 countries making their products available internationally.

Medison carries a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art ultrasound systems. Their product line ranges from portable ultrasound devices to multi-specialty real-time 3D/4D ultrasound systems. Medison is using the latest digital imaging technology that is meeting the demands of healthcare professionals around the globe. Medison's ultrasound systems will provide you with greater functionality, reliability and accuracy.

Medison is giving hope to the social community. They have donated products to the Pakistan region that was victimized by earthquakes. They have donated medical products to local medical facilities that don't have the funds for new medical equipment. They currently donate medical equipment overseas and hope to enhance the Korean medicine and improve the health of humankind.

If you are looking for a top of the line ultrasound system, Medison is the way to go. They currently have some of the top selling ultrasound systems that are being used in healthcare facilities around the globe. Some of the top ultrasound systems that are being used include the SonoAce 9900, SonoAce 8000, SonoAce 6000 and many more. These ultrasound systems provide you with the maximum value and quality across a wide range of clinical applications.

Enhance your diagnostic accuracy with the high quality 2D, 3D, and 4D images taken with the Medison Accuvix V10 Ultrasound System.

The Medison Accuvix V20 Ultrrasound System uses the best ultrasound technology on the market, and couples it with an excellent user-interface design. . The enhanced high quality 2D,3D, and 4D images procuded by the Medison Accuvix V20 maximizes this ultrasounds diagnostic accuracy, leaving users with extreme confidence. The accuracy and efficiency of each scan taken [...]

The Medison Accuvix V20 Prestige Ultrasound System sets the standard in ultrasound imaging by pushing the limits of technology. The Medison Accuvix V20 Prestige was designed to optimize efficiency and patient comfort. It features multi-slice imaging capabilities- allowing users to see up to seven images from one scan. It also is equiped with 3D/4D imaging, [...]

Medison SonoVet Pico is the best ultrasound system to use in your veterinary practice. Due to its compact design, the Medison SonoVet Pico Ultrasound system allows veterinarians to provide clinical services on the move. The Medison SonoVet Pico Ultrasound Machine features cardiac imaging, freehand 3D, and color and power doppler. Take your veterinary practice to [...]

The Medison Accuvix Lite Ultraound System gives superior diagnostic confidence by delivering high performance with cutting edge imaging. More accessible and compact than other Medison Accuvix Models, the Medison Accuvix Lite gives its users more ease of use. The Medison Accuvix Lite Ultrasound machine utilizes premium ultrasound technology for optimal imaging. can help you [...]

The Medison SonoAce X8 Ultrasound Machine was designed to provide users with great image quality, performance, and optimal value with high end ultrasound technology while still remaining compact. The Medison SonoAce X8 Ultrasound Machine optimizes the use of space and time with its ergonomic design, making movement easy. The Medison SonoAce X8 Ultrasound System features [...]

The Medison Mysono U5 Portable Ultrasound machine gives users a high level of performance in portable package. The Medison Mysono U5 Portable Ultrasound System makes evaluating the needs of your patients efficient and and accurate in any setting thanks to its instinctive user interface and automated functions. The Mysono U5 Portable Ultrasound System is an [...]

The Medison SonoAce X6 Ultrasound System merges value, quality, and a compact design. The Medison SonoAce X6 Ultrasound Machine utilizes innovation with a large variety of advanced imaging functions to meet the needs of numerous ultrasound applications. With the use of sensitive spectral, color, and power doppler, the SonoAce X6 Ultrasound Machine can produce excellent [...]

The best ultrasound technology is not limited to color systems only. The Medison SonoAce X4 Ultrasound Machine gives its users efficient workflow, great ergonomics,2D/3d impaging and optimal performance in a black and white unit. The Medison SonoAce X4 Ultrasound System’s compact design makes it an ideal ultrasound machine for clinics that are looking for one [...]

The Medison SonoAce Pico Ultrasound Machine can be easily transported to any room with a power outlet easily in a brief case sized box. In addition to its portable ease, the Medison SonoAce Pico gives a high quality digital color image and has numerous features, including signal processing, great image resolution through all digital beam [...]

The Medison Volusion 530 DMT ultrasound machine features both two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging that work in conjunction with one another to provide high-quality images. One of the most important features of the Medison Volusion 530 DMT ultrasound system is that it has a large color monitor to view the 2D or 3D images. Detailed Product [...]

The Medison SonoAce 9900 ultrasound system is one of the most technologically advanced machines available. It was the first to introduce three-dimensional multibeam ultrasound technology that gives doctors and technicians an amazing degree of diagnostic accuracy. Medison’s Sonoace 9900 3D ultrasound machine offers a variety of scanning methods to the user. In addition to the [...]

The Medison SonoAce 8000 ultrasound machine is a compact, specialized system that was specifically developed to work well with obstetric and gynecologic applications but also has excellent features that make it an attractive choice for any medical establishment. Medison’s Sonoace 8000 ultrasound system performs three different essential ultrasound functions: 2-dimensional imaging to view multiple layers; [...]

The Medison SonoAce 6000 ultrasound system is a scanner that features many elements that make it a great addition to many medical settings. Medison’s SonoAce 6000 ultrasound has excellent image quality and a good image filing system. It also features an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed keyboard that is well-lit for optimal use in a dark room. [...]