Zonare Z One Mini Convertible

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The refurbished Zonare Z One Mini Convertible ultrasound system is perfect for busy emergency rooms or clinical settings where space is at a premium.  In a fast paced setting, the design of the Zonare One Mini Convertible makes it easy to quickly move from patient to patient without interrupting the action.  The system has an incredibly small footprint and is designed with durable materials and the latest Zonare imaging technologies.

T Z One Mini Convertible is powered by a 5 ½ pound Zonare Scan Engine System, which is similar in size to your average laptop computer.  The Scan Engine System is interchangeable and can be connected to different Zonare systems for a seamless experience.

Detailed Product Description

  • Independent 4-wheel movement
  • Small footprint (20” x 18”)
  • 14” diagonal monitor
  • FastKey menus with 6 programmable presets
  • 512 MB storage with up to 8GB of additional optional storage
  • Full size QWERTY keyboard

Zonare Z One Mini Convertible Applications

  • Anesthesia
  • Emergency Medicine
  • OB-GYN
  • Vascular

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