Endorectal Probes

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Acuson ER7B Linear Probe

The Acuson ER7B is a linear array ultrasound probe. This is a multi-frequency ultrasound probe that is used with endorectal applications that offers a frequency range of 5 – 7 MHz. The Acuson ER7B probe is in excellent condition and can be purchased in used condition from UsedUltrasound.com. Each of our refurbished ultrasound probes that […]

Acuson V714T Ultrasound Transducer

Acuson V714T ultrasound probe is in exceptional condition and can be purchased from UsedUltrasound.com in new or even used condition. The V714T can be ultilized with

ATL C9-5 ICT Curved Probe

The ATL C9-5 ICT is a curved array ultrasound transducer probe. The ATL C9-5 ICT has a frequency range of 5 – 9 Mhz and is compatible with the HDI series ultrasound systems. The ATL C9-5 ICT is an intracavity ultrasound transducer and available for purchase from UsedUltrasound.com. The C9-5 ICT is in used condition […]

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