Intraoperative Probes

There is never a good time to have problems with your ultrasound equipment, probes or transducers, but if it happens during a routine ultrasound then the problem can easily be corrected and the exam can be repeated. But when it comes to intraoperative ultrasound imaging performed during surgery, there are often no second chances so it is vitally important for your equipment to work each and every time. So instead of leaving that to chance, it makes sense to buy you used intraoperative ultrasound equipment from We only deal with the highest quality refurbished ultrasound machines available, and we guarantee your complete and total satisfaction.

You might be wondering how we can be so confident in the quality of the used intraoperative probes and transducers for sale on our website. We have a team of ultrasound experts who thoroughly test and inspected everything before offering it for sale to make sure it performs just as the original manufacturer intended. And we know that every dollar is important to your business, so we do our best to provide the lowest up-front prices so that you can make the right buying decision without any of the runaround. If you would like a no obligation price quote on any refurbished intraoperative ultrasound equipment, simply give us a call or fill out the easy contact form and we’ll promptly provide the information you need.

At, you can find quality used ultrasound equipment for sale from GE, Medison, Philips, SonoSite and many other leading ultrasound manufacturers. And if you can’t find the equipment you need listed online, chances are we can track it down for you at the lowest price. Contact us right now and let us show you just how much money you can save on the purchase of refurbished intraoperative probes and transducers.

GE I13L Linear Probe

The GE I13L is linear array ultrasound transducer probe. The GE I13L is an intraoperative epicardial probe that has a frequency range of 5.8 to 14.0 MHz. The GE I13L offers color flow and PW doppler imaging. The GE I13L ultrasound probe that we have in stock is currently in refurbished condition and has been […]

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