Portable Probes

The biggest change in ultrasound technology over the past decade has been with portable ultrasound systems. Although there is nothing really new about portability, the machines being used today represent a huge jump over their predecessors. No longer do you have to sacrifice speed or performance to have portability, and the prices of used portable ultrasound machines have come down tremendously to make them affordable for almost any budget. At UsedUltrasound.com, you can find a huge variety of used portable ultrasound probes and transducers for sale at huge discounts over the new retail cost.

UsedUltrasound.com has all the best-selling used portable ultrasound machines for sale, including the GE Logiq Book XP and SonoSite MicroMaxx, along with dozens of other models. We also have quality used portable ultrasound transducers for sale at prices that will save you as much as 60% off the original retail cost. All of the used portable ultrasound probes we sell are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our exceptional customer service team, which is ready to answer any questions or concerns you have before, during or after the sale.

Of course one of the big benefits of a portable ultrasound system is the ability to bring it virtually anywhere at a moment’s notice, but that also means these systems, along with portable ultrasound probes and transducers, are more susceptible to being damaged or broken in the field. UsedUltrasound.com offers two solutions to that problem. First, we offer ultrasound repair and ultrasound service contracts to keep your equipment in tip-top shape and fix any problems as they arise. We also sell quality refurbished portable ultrasound probes at the lowest prices so that you can afford to keep an extra one on hand just in case. Contact us right now for a fast, no obligation price quote on any used portable ultrasound equipment you need.

Sonosite L38E Linear Array Probe

The Sonosite L38E is a linear array ultrasound transducer. This probe has a frequency range of 5 to 10 MHz and is used with vascular applications. The Sonosite L38E is for sale from UsedUltrasound.com. The Sonosite L38E shown above is in used condition and has been fully refurbished and tested to meet and/or exceed the […]

Sonosite P17 Ultrasound Transducer

The Sonosite P17 Ultrasound Probe is in superb condition and can be purchased from UsedUltrasound.com in new or even used condition. The P17 can be employed with

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