Veterinary Ultrasound

Of course the use of ultrasound imaging is a vital part of human medicine, but it’s also one of the most important tools for veterinarians. has a huge inventory of veterinary ultrasound machines. From small animals to farm animals to specialized areas like racehorses, there is tremendous demand for veterinary ultrasound services.

Although the machines used by veterinarians for animal ultrasounds are generally the same models used for humans, some models are better adapted for veterinary uses, like the GE LOGIQ Book XP and Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD. Both of those models, and every other model sold by, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that pledges you will be happy with your purchase or you can return it for a full refund. But since all of our ultrasound systems are professionally reconditioned, tested and inspected, you can rest assured your machine will work just as well as one that is brand new.

Veterinary ultrasound imaging can involve anything from examining a child’s pet hamster to looking at the leg of a million-dollar racehorse. Of course most uses will fall somewhere in between, and the possible uses of animal ultrasound machines are too numerous to list. And because ultrasound imaging has become so widespread in human medicine, animal owners expect to have the same technology available when their horse, cow, dog or cat needs veterinary care.

If you are searching for the best selection of pre-owned ultrasound machines, then look no further than We have a large inventory of quality refurbished ultrasound systems that are thoroughly inspected and tested, and we sell them at the lowest possible prices.

If you are looking for the best price on ultrasound probes and transducers for your veterinary practice, you can find them in our inventory of pre-owned ultrasound probes, transducers and accessories. We have the best selection and lowest prices on parts for a variety of ultrasound systems.

Chison Q5 Vet Ultrasound System

The refurbished Chison Q5 Vet ultrasound machine is an affordable vet imaging system that delivers premium results.  Built with Doppler capabilities and advanced application packages available, the Q5 can do everything needed to improve diagnostic abilities. Perfect for busy veterinary hospitals and smaller practices, the Q5 Vet delivers incredible value and outstanding image clarity in […]

Chison SonoTouch 30 Ultrasound System

Say goodbye to buttons and keyboards with the refurbished Chison SonoTouch 30 ultrasound.  The Chison Sonotouch 30 is a tablet style ultrasound machine that features touch-screen operation and a fully adjustable viewing angle for maximum efficiency.  The system was designed with a fully-intuitive user interface that delivers optimum performance. When you need maximum usability and […]

GE LOGIQ Book Ultrasound System

The GE Logiq Book ultrasound machine is a portable medical system that features software-intensive TruScan Architecture, which delivers unsurpassed computational power, image processing capabilities, workflow flexibility, and upgradeability. Practitioners can take the lightweight Logiq Book directly to patients whenever and wherever without difficulty. GE’s Logiq Book ultrasound system delivers the same functionality, raw data processing, […]

GE LOGIQ Book XP Ultrasound System

The Ge Logiq Book XP ultrasound machine is a high performance and multipurpose portable imaging system that has been designed for a variety of clinical applications. The high performance unit increases productivity, provides extra freedom, and increases clinical value.

GE LOGIQ Book XP Vet Ultrasound System

The used GE LOGIQ Book XP Vet is a multi-functional veterinary system that offers maximum portability.  An incredibly durable and well-designed mid range ultrasound for vets, the refurbished GE LOGIQ Book XP Vet system has all the features and functionality that veterinary clinics need. The GE LOGIQ Book XP Vet is compatible with a variety of transducers used […]

GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine

The used GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is a premium ultrasound offering from GE, designed specifically for use with large farm animals. The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is often used for equine sports medicine and veterinary cardiology, but it’s also a great choice for ultrasounds in bovine, equine and swine reproduction. A […]

GE Logiq e Vet Ultrasound System

The refurbished GE Logiq e Vet is a portable veterinary ultrasound system for use with small animals.  A well-designed shared services color Doppler ultrasound with many advanced features, the used GE Logiq e Vet is smart choice for veterinarians looking for a premium ultrasound imaging option that is also incredibly portable. The GE Logiq e […]

Medison SonoVet Pico Ultrasound System

Medison SonoVet Pico is the best ultrasound system to use in your veterinary practice. Due to its compact design, the Medison SonoVet Pico Ultrasound system allows veterinarians to provide clinical services on the move. The Medison SonoVet Pico Ultrasound Machine features cardiac imaging, freehand 3D, and color and power doppler. Take your veterinary practice to […]

Mindray DP-6600 Vet

The used Mindray DP-6600 Vet is the ultimate diagnostic tool for veterinarians.  Designed with a digital beam-former and a second transducer connector, the refurbished Mindray DP-6600 Vet delivers the versatility and easy operation that busy vets need to provide high quality care.   The Mindray DP-6600 Vet has many advanced features designed to provide the […]

Samsung Medison SonoVet R3

The used Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 veterinary ultrasound system delivers full color image quality in a portable design.  Created to deliver affordable, high image quality images, the Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 delivers outstanding performance in many veterinary imaging applications.  Whether you are scanning animals on the farm or in your office, the SonoVet R3 is a […]

Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 Bovine and Equine

The used Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 Bovine and Equine imaging is a highly affordable portable veterinary ultrasound image system.  Designed specifically for Bovine and Equine imaging and research, the refurbished Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 Bovine and Equine features several powerful imaging modes, including B mode, Color M mode and Special Doppler mode.  The system is […]

Samsung Medison UGEO HM70

The used Samsung Medison UGEO HM70 is a powerful multipurpose system that’s suitable for both medical and veterinary practices,  The Samsung Medison UGEO HM70 is a mid-range shared services system with obstetrics 4D capabilities.  Portable and flexible, the  refurbished Samsung Medison UGEO HM70 delivers a full range of valuable services.  The system includes advanced imaging […]

Samsung Medison UGEO PT60A

The used Samsung Medison UGEO PT60A is a handy tablet-style ultrasound system intended for bedside imaging, veterinary care, emergency room care and point-of-care applications.  Small yet powerful, the UGEO PT60A has everything medical and veterinary professionals need to complete a variety of exam types yet can easily go from the exam room to the field […]

SonoScape A6

The used SonoScape A6 is a powerful, compact choice in black and white ultrasound imaging.  An affordable entry level system, the refurbished SonoScape A6 has frequencies up to 12MHz (when using linear probes) and is fully functional for general imaging, OB/GYN, line placement and needle guidance.  The system comes with a 12-inch angle adjustable LCD […]

SonoSite MicroMaxx Bovine Equine

The used SonoSite MicroMaxx Bovine Equine ultrasound system is a powerful tool for equine and bovine reproductive imaging applications.  A portable system for veterinarians who often work in the field, the MicroMax Bovine Equine is ideal for equine sports medicine, radiology, cardiology, fertility and reproduction.  The system was designed with powerful SonoSite imaging technology for […]

SonoSite MicroMaxx Vet

The refurbished SonoSite MicroMaxx Vet is a portable ultrasound solution designed specifically for veterinary medicine.  Featuring an easy to use, durable design and many advanced imaging features, the used Sonosite MicroMaxx Vet is a smart choice for everything from small house pets to the biggest farm animals. The MicroMaxx Vet from SonoSite provides impressive image […]

SonoSite Titan Bovine Equine

The refurbished SonoSite Titan Bovine Equine ultrasound system is a highly durable and versatile large animal imaging option.  The used SonoSite Titan Bovine Equine has all of the transducers and imaging modes vets need for full-body studies of even the largest animal.  The system is compatible with the L52 linear rectal transducer for bovine, equine […]

SonoSite Titan Veterinary

The refurbished SonoSite Titan Veterinary ultrasound system is a portable option for vets that easily goes anywhere.  Incredibly simple to use and highly portable, the used Sonosite Titan Veterinary machine is a great choice for scanning different kinds of animals safely and quickly.  The system has advanced imaging features, including TIssue Harmonic Imaging and Directional […]

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