Ultrasound Machine Rental

Less Risk, High Reward: Rent an Ultrasound Machine Today

We’ve just increased our rental ultrasound machine inventory to more than $1.7 million!

GE Logiq e RentalThere’s never been a better time for you to expand your ultrasound offerings. With our inexpensive, fast and friendly ultrasound rental program, you can quickly increase your business revenue and patient satisfaction rate by adding a high-quality portable ultrasound machine to your business.

Most recently, we just added 12 late-model GE Logiq e ultrasound machines to our inventory, and you can get them NOW at a great price.

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Not interested in a GE? Our huge rental inventory also includes:

Sonosite Micromaxx
Sonosite M-Turbo
Sonosite Nanomaxx
Chison Q9
…and more

We’ve built an inventory of more than $1,700,000 worth of high-quality portable and console ultrasound machines dedicated for our rental program. These brand-name machines are available with the following attractive terms:

  • No long-term contract, only a minimum one-week rental is required
  • Same day shipping, get your machine the next day
  • Reasonable and affordable deposit
  • Free training videos are available for many of our rental systems
  • You can return the machine anytime without further obligation

We’re confident that we have the system to fit your needs, we have inventory for every modality and plenty of transducers. One conversation with our expert sales staff, and we’ll set you up with the best ultrasound machine for your needs.

Do you have a short-term ultrasound need? Call us today at 866-818-2743 today to get a free quote on a rental ultrasound machine.

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