GE i739-RS Linear Probe

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The GE i739-RS ultrasound probe is a wide-band linear array. Currently, the GE i739-RS is compatible for use with the GE Logiq Book XP.

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The GE i739-RS can be used for intra-operative vascular procedures and features a frequency range of 4.0-10 MHz. Purchase a GE i739-RS linear array from in refurbished or new condition.

Compatible GE Ultrasound Machines

GE i739-RS Probe Applications:

GE i739-RS Transducer Detailed Product Description

The GE i739-RS linear Ultrasound Transducer has the following features:

  • Linear Array
  • Intra-Operative applications
  • 40mm FOV
  • 4.0-10 MHz Frequency Range

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