Ultrasound Systems

Acuson Ultrasound

Apogee Ultrasound

    At UsedUltrasound.com, you will find used Apogee ultrasound systems at very reasonable prices and it’s easy to find used Apogee parts and supplies.

  • Apogee 800/800+
  • Apogee CX

ATL Ultrasound

    ATL ultrasound systems are used in clinics, hospitals, and private practices around the world. ATL offers ultrasound systems for Cardiovascular, Vascular and OB/GYN diagnostic testing. The ATL HDI 1000 and ATL UM9 HDI are only two of  the many systems that Used Ultrasound has to offer.

  • ATL HDI 1000
  • ATL HDI 3000
  • ATL HDI 4000
  • ATL HDI 5000

Biosound Ultrasound

Chison Ultrasound

Diasonics Ultrasound

    Diasonics offers an extensive line of high quality and affordable ultrasound systems, including the Diasonics Spectra Plus ultrasound machine. This machine is a comprehensive 2D ultrasound system that offers M-Mode, B-Scan Mode, dual ten inch monitors, doppler gain, PW/CW and convenient application icons.

  • Diasonics Spectra Plus

Fukuda Denshi Ultrasound

GE Ultrasound

Hitachi Aloka

HP Ultrasound

Medison Ultrasound

Mindray Ultrasound

Philips Ultrasound

Samsung Medison

Siemens Acuson

Siemens Ultrasound

SIUI Ultrasound

SonoScape Ultrasound

Sonosite Ultrasound

Terason Ultrasound

    Terason ultrasounds are designed to deliver the clearest images, combined with powerful user functionality and easy to use features. A popular choice among clinicians who work in vascular surgery, radiology, endocrinology and nephrology, Terason ultrasound machines deliver high quality images with one-of-a kind clarity and definition.

  • Terason 2000+
  • Terason t3000
  • Terason t3200

Toshiba Ultrasound

Ultrasonix Ultrasound

Zonare Ultrasound

    Zonare has been dedicated to providing the latest ultrasound technologies through its in-house ZONE Sonography Technology (ZST) Platform. This patented ultrasound platform delivers high imaging clarity, along with a high level of clinical versatility. Since the launch of the company’s first system in 2004, Zonare has delivered more than 10,000 medical ultrasound systems worldwide and continues to produce today.

    Based in California, Zonare produces ultrasound machines that deliver crystal clear imaging, along with a high level of portability. Used in medical clinics, emergency rooms and radiology centers throughout the world, Zonare ultrasound technology is designed to be easy to use and very portable.


  • Zonare Z One Mini Convertible
  • Zonare Z One Ultra Convertible
  • Zonare Z One Ultra SP Convertible

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