Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD Ultrasound System

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The Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD ultrasound machine is a high performance user-friendly system that is the next generation in fully digital systems. It is more powerful, more flexible, and more reliable, and it delivers more performance than other comparable systems.

Fukuda Denshi’s UF-850XTD was designed to be a fully software-based ultrasound system, meaning that it can be upgraded as new capabilities are developed. The system features a fully digital beamformer, multi-beam processing, and advanced F-XTD imaging technology.

With a wide flat panel display and an optional CWD mode display, the Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD can be used for a wide range of clinical applications, including diagnostics in the fields of Cardiac and OB/GYN.

Detailed Product Description

The Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD Ultrasound Machine has the following features:

  • Full Digital Beam Former
  • Advanced F-XTD Imaging Technology
  • Multi Beam Processing
  • High Density and Wide Band Probes
  • Quick Boot up Time
  • Wide Flat Panel Display
  • Active 3 probe ports
  • Thin and flexible probe cable within pin-less connector
  • CWD mode Display (option)
  • Triplex Display mode
  • High frequency Imaging up to 14MHz
  • User-friendly Interface with backlit intuitive keys
  • Multiple Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Digital Image workstation provided
  • Digital Motion image Recording capability (option)

Fukuda Denshi UF-850XTD Ultrasound System Applications:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Abdominal
  • Obsterics/Gynecology

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