GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine

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The used GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is a premium ultrasound offering from GE, designed specifically for use with large farm animals. The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is often used for equine sports medicine and veterinary cardiology, but it’s also a great choice for ultrasounds in bovine, equine and swine reproduction.

A high-end ultrasound created just for veterinary applications, the refurbished GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine delivers outstanding image clarity in full body ultrasounds, yet is still highly portable.  The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is compatible with a wide variety of transducers allowing for maximum versatility, and has an easy-to-use interface for faster exams.

With multiple imaging modes to choose from, the GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine makes it easy to capture excellent image clarity in all types of farm animals.  The system also has a large internal hard drive and double USB ports for easy image storage, making it easy to stay organized throughout your day.

Detailed Product Description

The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine has the following product features:

  • PW/Color/Power Doppler
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging
  • CW Doppler (option)
  • Full set of veterinary applications and calculations
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • CrossBeam compound imaging
  • Approximate weight: 10 lbs
  • 15” LCD
  • Rear handle

Imaging Modes

  • B Mode
  • Virtual Convex
  • CrossXBeam
  • Speckle Reducing image
  • LOGIQview panoramic imaging
  • B Sterr+
  • Full analysis packages available

Storage & More

  • CINE loop
  • Image archiving
  • DVD-RW & 2 USB
  • 80 GB hard drive

Supported Probes

  • Convex probe 4C-RS (2-5.5 mhz)
  • Linear probe 8L-RS (4-12 mhz)
  • Linear probe 12L-RS (5-13 mhz)
  • Linear probe 16L-RS (8-16MHz)
  • Phased array probe 3S-RS (1.5-4 mhz)
  • Microconvex probe 8C-RS (4-10 mhz)

GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine Applications

  • Veterinary

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