HP Ultrasound

Hewlett Packard has been designing and manufacturing medical equipment for many years. They first branched out their company into the medical electronics field back in the 1960’s. In 1997 they were considered the leader in cardiovascular imaging. HP Ultrasound has made some great contributions in the ultrasound industry over the years. Hewlett Packard has created ultrasound systems for cardiology, cardiovascular, pediatric OB GYN, vascular, etc.

HP Ultrasound has a product line that is sure to meet your expectations. Their ultrasound systems are known for their exceptional image quality. They provide you with reliable, accurate and high-resolution digital scanning. Some of the features of their ultrasound systems include harmonic imaging, color dopplers, PW/CW Dopplers, ultra band imaging, high definition color flow, high frame rate scanning and so much more.

HP Ultrasound is now currently under the Philips name. Philips Medical has purchased the rights and the technology of most of the previous HP Medical products. Although the HP name has been sold to Philips, many of the HP healthcare equipment that is used and refurbished can be purchased on our site. Some of the popular HP ultrasound systems that can be found on our site include the HP Sonos 5500, HP Sonos 2000/2500, HP Sonos 1000, HP ImagePoint and HP ImagePoint HX.

HP / Philips Imagepoint Ultrasound System

HP ImagePoint and ImagePoint HX ultrasound machines are among the leading multispecialty imaging systems on the market. Used worldwide in nearly all types of applications – including obstetrics, cardiac, and musculoskeletal cases – both HP ImagePoint ultrasound systems feature harmonic imaging for enhanced image quality, especially if used in conjunction with the doppler to bring […]

HP Sonos 1000 Ultrasound System

The HP Sonos 1000 ultrasound machine features excellent 2-dimensional imaging, steerable Doppler, high frame-rate color flow, and high definition zoom that is capable of enlarging a selected area at an optimal frame rate to better study the image. HP’s Sonos 1000 ultrasound system also has a continuous loop review mode that, when chosen, allows a […]

HP Sonos 2000/2500 Ultrasound System

The HP Sonos 2000/2500 ultrasound machine was developed specifically with cardiovascular studies in mind because it has dedicated presets for both cardio and vascular ultrasound applications. HP’s Sonos 2000/2500 ultrasound system is also a good choice of a scanner for other uses as well because it contains many technological advances that are desirable for usage […]

HP Sonos 4500 Ultrasound System

The HP Sonos 4500 offers a combination of performance and power at an affordable price. This versatile ultrasond system can handle a variety of cardiovascular applications and it has a reputation for reliability and durability. With a 13.5″ CRT color display, the HP Sonos 4500 can provide high-quality imaging in a wide range of modes. […]

HP Sonos 5500 Ultrasound System

The HP Sonos 5500 ultrasound machine is a high-performance system that has many technological features, including an advanced diagnostics system, and can be used in a variety of applications. The imaging technologies utilized by the HP Sonos 5500 ultrasound system include fusion harmonic imaging, contrast imaging, and high definition color flow. With the integrated dynamic […]

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