Siemens Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound System

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The refurbished Siemens Acuson SC2000 is the brand’s top of the line offering for cardiac ultrasound functionality.  A premium system with 3D/4D cardiac imaging and advanced ultrasound capabilities, the SC2000 also offers outstanding vascular and abdominal imaging with consistent, reliable results.

A powerful and easy to use system, the SC2000 from Siemens Acuson is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best tool for advanced cardiac imaging functionality.  The used Siemens Acuson SC2000 utilizes a high level of system automation to capture the most image detail, and also offers premium cardiac image quality that is considered to be the best of all Siemens Acuson cardiac systems.  The combination of powerful 4D technology, efficient built-in processes and a smart user design make the Siemens Acuson SC 2000 a great choice for cardiovascular professionals and general medicine facilities.

By delivering a complete view that is automatically focused and rich with detail, medical professionals can make more informed diagnosis while maintaining an efficient workflow when using the Siemens Acuson SC 2000.  With 3 probe ports, a large 21” high resolution LCD display and crystal clear imaging, the SC 2000 offers the accuracy, speed and ease of use that medical professionals require and is a smart choice for premium ultrasound machines.

Detailed Product Description

The Siemens Acuson SC 2000 has the following features:

  • 3 Probe Ports
  • 3D/4D Real-Time volume cardiac imaging
  • Full volume imaging, up to 40 volumes per second at 16 cm depth
  • Volume Intracardiac Echo (ICE)
  • LVO contrast
  • TEQ technology for increased image clarity
  • PW/CW/Color/Power Doppler
  • Volume LA Analysis
  • Volume Valvular Assessment
  • Vascular imaging package
  • Cine Review
  • 4Z1c advanced volume acquisition technology
  • Rapid Stress Volume Stress Echo
  • 20.1” High Resolution LCD Articulating Display
  • LVO Contrast
  • TEE Imaging
  • 2D Cardiac Functional Analysis
  • 2D, M-Mode
  • 2D Imaging Workflow Acceleration
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design

Siemens Acuson SC 2000 Ultrasound Systems Applications

  • 3D
  • 4D
  • Cardiac
  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Orthopedic
  • Pediatric Cardiac
  • Stress Echo
  • TEE
  • Vascular
  • Venous

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