Siemens Sonoline Antares

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The refurbished Siemens Sonoline Antares is a fully-loaded, premium ultrasound system that offers advanced ultrasound functionality.  The Sonoline Antares was designed for abdominal, OB-GYN, obstetrics and vascular imaging.  The system offers impressive patient management tools and incredible imaging technology, combined with a user friendly ergonomic design for medical professionals.

Easy to use and comfortable to operate, the powerful Siemens Sonoline Antares ultrasound system is built on a completely upgradable platform.  The system’s open architecture makes it easy to upgrade both the software and hardware, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.  Take advantage of new applications, the latest transducers and updated peripherals when you purchase the highly rated Siemens Sonoline Antares for your practice.

Take advantage of everything this feature-rich system has to offer, including super-fast GigaProcessing Technology and the patented Crescendo Multi-Dimensional Image process for the highest level of image quality.  The Siemens Sonoline Antares also includes more advanced features for added functionality, include the sSie Breast Imaging Application and Amnioscopic Rendering for more detail in fetal imaging.  

Detailed Product Description

The Siemens Sonoline Antares has the following features:

  • Crescendo Multi-Dimensional Image Processor
  • DIMAQ-IP Integrated Workstation
  • Innovative Ergonomic Design
  • Maximum Information Signal Acquisition Beam formation (MISA)
  • Patented Precision Up-Sampling Technology
  • Hanafy Lens Transducer Technology results in excellent images in all modes
  • MultiHertz technology results in reduced exam time and better images
  • syngo Auto OB measurements: Semi-automated measurement of the top four major fetal structures
  • DICOM (optional)
  • TEQ ultrasound technology improved clinical efficiency
  • Compatible with PH4-1 Cardiac Probe

Siemens Sonoline Antares Applications

  • Abdominal
  • OB-GYN
  • Vascular
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