SIUI Ultrasound

SIUI is an international company that develops and manufactures medical ultrasound scanners, ultrasound detectors and ultrasound transducers since 1978. They originally started as a small research institute but has grown today into a high-teach corporation. SIUI is currently one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment in China.
SIUI provides their customers with high quality ultrasound systems at affordable prices. Their ultrasound systems and their color Doppler systems have become one of the most competitive products internationally. SIUI ultrasound systems can be used in the clinical diagnosis of cardiology, kidney, liver, gallbladder, OB/GYN and more. They take the lead in attaining the ISO 9001 certification, FDA clearance as well as CE marking in China. Their main products were even awarded the National Technological Progress Prize because of their top performance they have achieved in China. They have also received many other awards for their outstanding achievement.
SIUI has an aim of developing their company into a bigger and stronger corporation. They have made a commitment to maintain their growth in the medical devices field and to make a greater contribution to the progress of ultrasound systems around the nation. SIUI is always engaged in research and development to ensure that they release a new series of ultrasound products each year.
SIUI’s products have a high ratio of performance and quality to the price of their systems. They currently are exporting their ultrasound systems to over 80 different countries around the globe and growing. They currently manufacture systems ranging from their Trolley B/W, Portable B/W and even Veterinary B/W. Some of their top selling ultrasound systems include the CTS 485, CTS-200, CTS-900, CTS-3300, CTS-310B and more. Each of their ultrasound systems is high quality, reliable and will give you the results that you need to make an accurate diagnosis for your patients.

SIUI CTS 200 Ultrasound System

The SIUI CTS-200 ultrasound machine is a portable ultrasound scanner that uses a digital scan converter to process incoming signals. Because of its small size and its linear-based system, it is likely the most cost-effective ultrasound system on the market. The SIUI CTS 200 ultrasound system is of great quality and rivals many larger and […]

SIUI CTS 485 Ultrasound System

The SIUI CTS 485 ultrasound machine is one of the most highly developed, technologically advanced portable systems on the market. It features a 10″ high resolution monitor, a fold-up backlit keyboard at the front, and dual probe connectors on the side. The SIUI CTS 485 ultrasound system has cineloop, frequency conversion option, and various measuring […]

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