SonoScape Ultrasound

Working to make medical technology solutions more accessible and affordable throughout the world, SonoScape is regularly adding new products and developing new technologies for medical professionals. The company is highly focused on diagnostic systems and transducers that provide the most accurate imaging results, leading to increased diagnostic accuracy.

The SonoScape A6 is a popular, highly portable ultrasound machine that delivers incredibly high quality black and white imaging. An affordable choice with frequencies up to 12 MHZ, the A6 is perfect for abdominal and OB/GYN applications. For more functionality, the SonoScape A8 offers full-body imaging, with transducers available for everything from cardiology to urology.

SonoScape A6

The used SonoScape A6 is a powerful, compact choice in black and white ultrasound imaging.  An affordable entry level system, the refurbished SonoScape A6 has frequencies up to 12MHz (when using linear probes) and is fully functional for general imaging, OB/GYN, line placement and needle guidance.  The system comes with a 12-inch angle adjustable LCD […]

SonoScape A8

The used SonoScape A8 is an easy to operate, portable ultrasound system.  Featuring a flexible cart-based design, the SonoScape A8 can be easily transported to different patients and exam areas for maximum efficiency.  Built on the industry renowned SonoScape imaging platform, the A8 is much more affordable than larger console systems, yet still everything needed to achieve […]

SonoScape S2

The used SonoScape S2 is a low to mid-range portable ultrasound system featuring 3D/4D options, CW Doppler and M-Mode for advanced imaging capabilities.  The refurbished SonoScape S2 has many of the same features found on more advanced systems.  With added features like Speckle Reduction Technology and Power Doppler imaging, the SonoScape S2 offers some very […]

SonoScape S6

The used SonoScape S6 is a powerful portable color ultrasound system that easily goes wherever you need it.  Built with a lightweight, easy to manage design and the latest imaging technologies, the SonoScape S6 has everything medical professionals need to complete a variety of exams in even the busiest settings. An affordable and portable option […]

SonoScape S8 Exp

The refurbished SonoScape S8 Exp is an excellent choice in mid-range portable ultrasound systems.  A feature-packed system with an affordable price, the used SonoScape S8Exp is a fully shared service machine that delivers incredible image clarity across several applications.  In addition to the standard imaging modes, the S8 Exp also includes 4D obstetric imaging, which isn’t […]

SonoScape SSI-1000

The refurbished SonoScape SSI-1000 delivers advanced imaging technology and an easy to operate system in a compact and highly portable design.  A flexible option for busy medical centers, the used SonoScape SSI-1000 has many of the same features found in SonoScape’s higher end systems, yet is still affordable enough for smaller practices.  A powerful option […]

SonoScape SSI-5000

The used SonoScape SSI-5000 is a full-color ultrasound system that is versatile and easy to operate.  The SonoScape SSI-5000 was designed for a variety of clinical applications, including OB/GYN, cardiology, abdominal, small parts and vascular imaging.  Suitable for busy hospitals and smaller clinical settings, the SonoScape SSI-5000 is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a larger […]

Sonoscape SSI-8000

The high-end used SonoScape SSI-8000 delivers incredible image quality in 2D and 4D modes.  Designed for a variety of imaging applications, the SonoScape SSI-8000 is perfect for abdominal, vascular and OB/GYN applications, and comes with a full cardiac pack for added functionality. Delivering high quality color images, the refurbished SonoScape SSI-8000 is packed with all […]

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