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The used Sonosite S-Series ultrasound machine has a highly functional design which allows the system to be fully mounted in exam rooms for zero footprint and easy exam administration.  Created with a durable, tough design and intuitive user controls, the SonoSite S-Series is well-suited for military medical treatment, busy hospitals and multi-specialty medical practices who require a reliable imaging tool.

With the refurbished Sonosite S-Series, medical professionals can take advantage of advanced imaging modes, including CW Doppler, M-Mode and PW Tissue Doppler for the highest image clarity and structural detail.   SonoSite also added proprietary imaging technology to the S-Series ultrasounds, including SonoASAPT Tissue Optimization and SonoMB Multibeam compound imaging.  These advanced features, along with the line’s high quality design, makes the SonoSite S-Series a smart choice for multi-speciality imaging needs.

In addition to being fully mountable on a cart, wall or ceiling, the SonoSite S-Series ultrasounds also have user-friendly controls that make it easy to zoom in and quickly focus on targeted areas in a matter of seconds.  The innovative features and high resolution image delivery makes the SonoSite S-Series a great choice for medical professionals who are looking for a versatile and powerful advanced imaging system.

Detailed Product Description

The SonoSite S-Series has the following features:

  • CW Doppler option
  • 2D, M-Mode, Color Doppler, Color Power Doppler, PW Tissue Doppler
  • SonoADAPT Tissue Optimization
  • SonoMBe Advanced Needle Visualization
  • SonoMB Multibeam compound imaging
  • 3 USB ports
  • Ethernet and wireless ports
  • 2GB internal flash memory
  • S-Video, DVI, Composite, RGB or DVI video out
  • USB Export to JPG, MPEG-4 H.264, BMP and DICOM
  • 10.4” LCD display
  • Lightweight, mountable design

SonoSite S-Series Applications

  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Obstetrics, Radiology, Small Parts, Surgery, Vascular

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