Terason Ultrasound

The ultrasound technology utilized by Terason is used in a variety of medical applications, including cardiology, emergency medicine, women’s medicine and vascular procedures. Specialising in highly portable, dependable ultrasound technology, Terason machines are the perfect addition to any medical practice or surgical center.

The Terason 2000+ portable ultrasound system, a popular option, delivers high quality imaging at an affordable price. The 2000+ is designed for use in a variety of applications, including anesthesia, breast imaging, critical care, emergency medicine, surgery and OB/GYN. The Terason t3000 is another popular choice, offering highly portable functionality with up to 2 hours battery life after charging. The t3000 is most often used in cardiology, surgery and vascular imaging.

For more information, please visit terason.com.

Terason 2000+

The used Terason 2000+ is a portable ultrasound system that delivers incredible images while still remaining a more affordable option for smaller or growing practices.  The Terason 2000+ was designed for a variety of imaging applications, including anesthesia, breast, critical care, emergency medicine and general medicine imaging.  The system utilizes some of the industry’s most […]

Terason t3000

The refurbished Terason t3000 is a portable, lightweight ultrasound option that has the perfect blend of smart, user friendly design and powerful ultrasound capabilities.  The Terason t3000 was designed for a variety of applications, including anesthesia, breast, cardiology, musculoskeletal, portable, small parts and vascular imaging.  Built to operate like a standard PC or laptop, the […]

Terason t3200

The refurbished Terason t3200 is a portable ultrasound system created specifically for musculoskeletal imaging.  The used Terason t3200 includes powerful medical imaging technology for the clearest possible images of muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue and bones for complete musculoskeletal imaging capabilities.   Quickly and easily scan even difficult to reach areas with ease with the well-designed […]

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